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Associate Professor Bagga Bjerge from the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research at the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences has received one of the so-called YDUN grants of DKK 6.4 million. With the YDUN programme, the Danish Council for Independent Research awards grants to research projects with great international potential.

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“I was actually very overwhelmed and happy when I heard about the grant, and I had to sit down. It’s a huge amount, and I was up against a lot of applicants, so it’s absolutely fantastic that I got it,” says Associate Professor Bagga Bjerge with a wide smile on her face.

The grant of DKK 6.4 million will be used to fund her research on how welfare systems manage citizens with complex problems

Most Danes receive welfare benefits, like childcare or visits to the doctor, without experiencing a great deal of bureaucratic difficulties, which is because their needs and issues are not very extensive. But some citizens are faced with such complex problems that they require services from various organisations and institutions, and this often creates a lot of problems, because there are not sufficient policies and professional approaches to managing this level of complexity. For example, when a drug addict on social security and in methadone treatment, is admitted to the hospital because he is also experiencing psychological problems.

This research project deals with the bureaucratic handling of citizens who need services from various systems simultaneously and tries to identify the different perspectives on the citizens and the extent of their problems.

This yields a picture of a complex net of overlapping and potentially conflict-ridden ways of handling cases and administering services, and there have been no previous efforts to document what is going on in the system.  

Associate Professor Bagga Bjerge says that she hopes her project will not only yield answers to how things are currently being handled, but also to how we might improve things in the future.

This year, the Danish Council for Independent Research is giving out 17 grants to talented researchers in Denmark. The total grant amount is DKK 110 million.

Read the press release (in Danish only): YDUN-bevillinger fra Det Frie Forskningsråd

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