New PhD student

Mario Bauriegel
Mario Bauriegel Photo: Private

Hi everyone!

My name is Mario and I am a new PhD student since the 1st of February. In my project, I will investigate how countries differ in their environmental policy strategies and how we can explain those differences based on institutional legacies in the interplay with possible electoral coalitions from the perspective of parties. As I will compare different countries, I am well placed in the comparative politics section with my Supervisors Carsten Jensen and Kees van Kersbergen.

In my spare time, I love to do a variety of sports, be it volleyball, soccer, badminton or surfing. I am always ready to try out something new.

I am very excited to get know the people in the department, engage in discussions about almost anything and to dive into environmental politics. If you are interested visit me at my office (1332-122) and we can talk over a cup of coffee.

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