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New book: Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory Hardcover

by Lynn A. Watson (Editor), Dorthe Berntsen (Editor)

[Translate to English:] Ny bog: Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory Hardcover

Autobiographical memory is key to achieving psychological well-being, and throughout the last 30 years, the field has been examined from numerous perspectives. This is the first book to provide and overview of the research and combine current theories on autobiographical memory with a clinical perspective.

The book is the first of its kind to provide an extensive overview of both the empirical research and the theoretical models used to help us understand autobiographical memory across a number of different areas, including trauma and memory, intrusive and involuntary memories, memory and self-identity.

It also provides an overview of the most basic applied and clinical approaches to autobiographical memory.


Theory combined with clinical experience

In the past, researchers with a clinical background and researchers who mainly focus on cognition in healthy individuals have investigated autobiographical memory in people who suffer from a number of psychological disorders. Although interested in the same psychological phenomenon, these two groups of researchers have tended to investigate memories of past events in very different ways, using different research populations, different methodologies and different theoretical perspectives.

“We wanted to create a go-to resource for professionals and students that covers basic and applied research on autobiographical memory in individuals suffering from psychological disorder from a number of differing clinical perspectives,” explains Lynn Watson from Aarhus University, who has co-authored the book.


Cutting-edge research

The book also provides an overview of more recent advances within the field:

“We wanted the book to contain in-depth discussions of classic research findings as well as recent advances in the field and practical applications of how research into autobiographical memory can be used to develop evidence-based psychological therapies targeting psychological disorders,” says Lynn Watson.

Finally, the book discusses autobiographical memory across a broad array of psychological issues such as, depression, PTSD, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, autism, traumatic brain injury and psychological problems in children.

It is the first book to provide an extensive overview of empirical research and theoretical knowledge within this area and provide examples of how these exciting research findings are being applied in psychological therapy.

The book will be of interest to students of psychology, clinicians and therapists alike.

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