Special issue of the Journal of Research in Personality

The special issue is published in memory of William Dunlop, honorary professor at Aarhus University.

Journal of Research in Personality.

The theme of the special issue is the relationship between narrative identity and a good life, and leading researchers in this field such as Kate McLean, Dan McAdams, Jefferson Singer, Elaine Reese, Paul Lysaker and Susan Bluck have made contributions. It also contains submissions from a series of talented junior researchers, including Majse Lind and Tine Holm, who both have a PhD from Aarhus University.

The special issue seeks to represent the academic diversity that is characteristic of research in narrative identity and contains theoretical contributions as well as experimental and prospective quantitative studies, qualitative analyses and psychobiographies. A recurring theme of the different contributions is that the lens of narrative identity promotes a focus on lived experience, contextualisation and the importance of culture in relation to understanding the good life.

The special issue also contains an obituary for William Dunlop, in which his family, colleagues and friends share stories about him.

The special issue was edited by professor Dorthe Kirkegaard Thomsen in collaboration with professor Jack Bauer. Learn more:


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