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Introduction to Quantitative Research Methodology

Name of the PhD course
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methodology

PART I: 11-12 November 2019 -  PART II: 21-22 November 2019
11 NOV + 21 NOV: start time 10.00 to 17.00
12 NOV + 22 NOV: start time 09.00 to 16.00

Aarhus University
Day 1 + 2 (part I): Building 1325, room 120
Day 3 (part II): Building 1325, room 420
Day 4 (part II): Building 1328, room 026

Bobby (Robert) Zachariae


ECTS credits

Learning objective
To discover methodological strengths and challenges in my PhD project and to identify possible methods to address these challenges and improve the quality of my research project

Content and programme
An introduction to challenges in quantitative research projects. Areas covered: DAY 1: From research idea to research design. My research question and hypotheses.  My choice of research design – strengths and limitations. DAY 2: Reviewing the background literature: Existing knowledge as starting point for my research project – what will my study add? My chosen design: Statistical power, sample size, sensitivity, precision, and possible sources of error. DAY 3: Recruitment, non-response, and dropout. Measurement: Ensuring the quality of my instruments. Scientific misconduct and good scientific practice. DAY 4: Analyzing my data: analytical strategy, data-management, and choice of statistical tests. Bringing it all together: Overall assessment of the quality of my research project: strengths, limitations, and what can be done to remedy the limitations? A personal perspective: Exploring my strengths and weaknesses as a researcher. Course format: Plenary presentations, individual, group, and plenary exercises.

Please see detailed programme

Requirements for receiving course credits are a) Active participation on all 4 days of the course, and b) Completion of brief home assignments prior to the first day of the course and between course days

There is no required curriculum, but relevant texts will be made available to participants during the course

Target group
PhD students who are in the early phases of their PhD project. PhD students from all faculties are welcome

Applying for the course
Please complete online application form

Deadline for applying
18 October 2019

Maximal number of participants

39772 / i28