Central Concepts and Theoretical Debates in Social Science Approaches to Alcohol and Drug Research

Name of the PhD course
Central Concepts and Theoretical Debates in Social Science Approaches to Alcohol and Drug Research

2020: 8 September, 6 October, 28 October, 17 November, 9 December
2021: 9 February, 9 March, 13 April, 4 May, 2 June


Building 1322, room 224
Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, Bartholins Allé 8, Aarhus University

Vibeke Asmussen Frank

Esben Houborg, Maria Dich Herold, Thomas Friis Søgaard, Geoffrey Hunt


ECTS credits

Course description
The overall aim of this course is to give PhD students a general overview of how central concepts and theoretical debates have developed within the social science drug and alcohol research field from the perspectives of different social science disciplines. For example, the concept ‘addiction’ is defined and debated differently within different disciplines as are debates about ‘consumption’ of illegal substances. The course will include not only the most up to date definitions and understandings operating within the field but also the 'classic' approaches and research that have been produced.

The course will thus enable participants to understand how their own use of concepts in their individual research projects are situated within the overall multi-disciplinary field of drugs and alcohol research. This will enable students to trace concepts and debates used within their own individual projects in order to understand the origins and uses of these concepts within the wider environment of the multi-disciplinary field of research.

Please carefully read detailed course description 


In order to obtain the 5 ECTS for participation in the course, participants are required to do the following:

  • Read all assigned materials before each session and be prepared to participate actively in discussions of the materials
  • Engage actively in sessions and participate in each of the exercises drawing on course material, but also knowledge from their own PhD projects
  • Hand in two written assignments (approx. 5 pages each) based on guidance from course leader

Due to the COVID19 situation, it will be possible for PhD students to gain ECTS credits for participating in some of the course. Participation in 2 sessions + one written assignment equals 1 ECTS. Participation in 4 sessions + one written assignment equals 2 ECTS.

Target group
PhD students

Applying for the course
Please complete online application form

Deadline for applying
28 August 2020

Maximal number of participants