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2015.06.09 | People

Emotion regulation can help people who suffer from anxiety

Mia Skytte O’Toole from the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences is one of the five recipients of the Aarhus University Research Foundation PhD award, which was presented on 28 May 2015.

2015.04.20 | News from the management, Staff

New name and logo to be brought into play!

The name “Aarhus BSS” and the new logo are now in the process of being implemented. As an employee, you are responsible for changing your email signature and downloading the temporary Word and PowerPoint templates.

Søren Staugaard. Photo: AU Photo

2015.05.22 | Research news

Two-year postdoc grant for Søren Staugaard

Søren Risløv Staugaard has been awarded a two-year postdoc grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities.

New book: Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory Hardcover

2015.03.23 | Research news

New book: Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory Hardcover

by Lynn A. Watson (Editor), Dorthe Berntsen (Editor)

2015.02.02 | People

Researcher from BSS collaborates with student counsellor at ST to further student welfare

In collaboration with Professor Jan Tønnesvang from BSS, psychologist Sanne Schou has developed a new counselling framework for students at ST. The goal is to help the students stay dedicated to their studies and to further student welfare.

2015.01.28 | Research news

Research on anti-extremism efforts draws visitors from all over the world to AU

Anti-extremism research at Aarhus University is currently receiving a lot of attention from countries around the world. Representatives from several embassies are eager to pay visits to the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences to learn more about the so-called “Aarhus programme”.

Omar Sinue Salgado Leyva

2015.01.23 | People

New Ph.D Student: Omar Sinue Salgado Leyva

Omar Sinue will be exploring the ability that people have to mentally reconstruct personal events from the past and to mentally construct possible events in the future.

Julie Niziurski.

2015.01.21 | People

New Ph.D. Student: Julie Niziurski

Julie comes from USA and will be working with depression and the effects the disorder may have on memory and attention.

2015.01.19 | Research news

Think constructively and recover more quickly from a relationship-breakup

People with a general tendency to brood have more unwanted and disturbing thoughts, and they have a harder time recovering from a relationship break-up – whereas people who think constructively and reflectively about the relationship with their ex-partner recover more quickly.

Adam Congleton. Photo: AU KOM

2014.10.29 | People

New postdoc: Adam Congleton

Adam will be studying how different aspects of emotion shape the structure of people’s autobiographical memory.

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