Forgotten childhood memories can be retrieved. Photo: AU Photo

2014.02.25 | Research news

Forgotten childhood memories can be retrieved

We may be unaware that they ever took place, but our early childhood experiences are stored in our unconscious memory and affect us as we grow older. Researchers have studied the awareness and long-term memory in little children and have found ground-breaking new knowledge.

2014.02.26 | News from the management

Rector Bech Nielsen: A difficult time lies ahead of us

The budget cutbacks at Aarhus University will impact about 350 employees, including about 190 planned dismissals and 160 voluntary resignations. The rector emphasises that AU is facing a difficult time.

2014.02.07 | Aarhus BSS

We need your research, your experience and your ideas!

Aarhus University is holding the Festival of Research on Friday 25 April at 13.00–18.00. The theme this year is FOOD IN THE FUTURE. Would you like to present your field of research ‘at eye level’ for the general public in and around Aarhus, and make the day a fun and informative experience?

2014.02.07 | Aarhus BSS, Staff

Towards an institutional accreditation at AU

Following an amendment in the Danish Accreditation Act (akkrediteringsloven) in 2013, new degree programmes and courses will not be accredited individually in future. Instead, Aarhus University as an institution needs to gain accreditation.

The Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences behind a new treatment option

2014.02.07 | Research news


In cooperation with the social psychiatric day centre Holmstrupgård, the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Science has introduced a new treatment option for young people with mental disorders.

Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences. Photo: AU Foto

2014.01.27 | People

New director of studies at the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

“I would like for us to start thinking about changing our way of thinking and taking a more creative approach to teaching, and thereby engaging the students to a greater extent than previously.” This is Helle Spindler’s ambition for the future as the new director of studies at the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences.

When asked to describe what constitutes a normal life in their own culture, Qatari men focus to a greater extent on religion. Qatari women, on the other hand, have an increasingly cross-cultural perception of what constitutes a typical life story. Photo: Colourbox

2013.12.04 | Research news

Religion and gender determine what we expect from life

New research from Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences examines what men and women in Qatar expect from a normal life, and the differences between genders are quite surprising.

2013.12.02 | Aarhus BSS

Warning against phishing emails

At the moment, Aarhus University is faced with a serious phishing problem and needs all staff and students’ help to fight it. You must NEVER share your username and/or password with others, not even to others at AU.

2013.11.29 | Reseach policy

Rethink Aarhus 2017: First call for research projects

AU invites researchers from all four faculties to engage in six large-scale projects for rethinkIMPACTS 2017: European Capital of Culture Research Framework.

New experiment sends couples in for annual relationship check-ups. Photo: Colourbox

2013.11.19 | Students, Staff, Public/media

New experiment sends couples in for annual relationship check-ups

An annual check-up reviewing the state of your relationship - is that a good idea? It seems like it. A new study aims to show whether an annual check-up can strengthen married life and prevent divorce.

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