Purchase of IT equipment

All IT related purchases MUST be made through IT Webshop.

This means that you are not allowed to purchase IT equipment without involving AU IT.

This applies to both ordinary and external funds.

If you need equipment that cannot be found in IT Webshop, select the product: Unspecified ( in the  category Accessories) and just note your wish in the comments field - when you reach the checkout page. We refer to Procurement Policy for Aarhus University.

It is your personal responsibility to seek approval before placing an IT-order by sending an email to Carsten Dalsager: carstend@psy.au.dk with the following information:

  1. Item you wish to purchase
  2. Price
  3. Where should the money come from? (department or external funding)
  4. Reason for purchase?

The following items need prior approval

When a purchase has been approved, please use project (sag) 90204 and activity (sagsopgave) 82501. Purchases with external funding do not need prior approval and must be made using the specific project and activity number of the grant in question.

  • Computer (Mac requires external funding)
  • Monitor
  • Phone (requires external funding)
  • iPad (requires external funding, or you may borrow one at the department)
  • Webcam

The following items can be bought without prior approval

Use project (sag) 90204 and activity (sagsopgave) 82501.

  • SPSS license
  • STATA license
  • NVIVO license
  • Headset for Skype
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard