Appendix 1

Eksempel på henvendelse til potentielt medlem af bedømmelseskomiteen

Dear (Prof.) XX,

My PhD student XX is about to finish his thesis on “XX” which is expected to be submitted on the xx of March. Since his project is within your area of research expertise, I would be very pleased if you are willing to consider being a member of the assessment committee. The thesis comprises an introduction and three papers, of which two are published and one submitted:

  1. XX
  2. XX
  3. XX


The committee consists of three members, with Professor XX from our Department as chairman. The committee is allowed to divide the primary assessment tasks between its members (normally about equally), although all members, of course, are responsible for assessing the thesis as a whole.

The assessment of the thesis is supposed to be finished two months after the formal appointment of the committee, although postponement is possible.

The defense should normally take place about one month after the assessment of the thesis. It will last for about two hours and require the presence of the committee. The procedure starts with a presentation by the candidate lasting about 45 minutes, after which each of the committee members has about 25 minutes for questions and comments.

In hope of a positive answer,

Yours sincerely,