Academic Writing

Name of the PhD course
Academic Writing 2023

Part 1 (1 day): 20 February
Part 2 (2 days): 1-2 May
Part 3 (1 day): 12 June

Day 1, 2 and 4: 10.00-17.00
Day 3 (2 May): 09.00-16.00

Aarhus University, Bartholins Allé 14, building 1327-026
(On 2 May: Bartholins Allé 10, building 1325-136)

Robert (Bobby) Zachariae, professor, MSc., MDSc.


ECTS credits

Course description
PhD course in the preparation of scientific papers. Participants are supported in writing a scientific paper based on empirical data with the aim of publication in an English-language scientific journal with peer review. Please see course overviewParticipants from all faculties who work with empirical data are welcome.


  • Participants must have completed or nearly completed data collection and started analyzing data with the aim of publishing the results in an international scientific journal with peer review. The manuscript can also be a systematic review of available empirical data. The course is primarily focused on quantitative studies
  • Participants are required to allot sufficient time to write a first draft of a manuscript between Part 1 and 2, and to revise version of the manuscript between Part 2 and 3, and to participate on all 4 course days
  • The required end product of the course is a complete draft of a paper ready for submission.
  • Prior to attending Day 1, participants are required to produce: 1) a brief outline of the paper, 2) an English language abstract (250-350 words) with the following structure: background, aim, methods, results, and conclusion, and 3) have identified at least one relevant journal, to which the completed paper could be submitted
  • During the course period, as home assignments for Part 2 and 3, participants are required to write a manuscript, a cover letter, and a “press release” and to review two manuscripts produced by other participants twice
  • Participants will work in small groups, and must be present on all four days of the course

    Please note: All requirements listed above are mandatory

Target group
PhD students

Applying for the course
Please complete online application form

Deadline for applying
31 January 2023

Maximal number of participants